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As a supplier and distributor of personal care and cosmetics chemicals, Accrete partners with the world’s leading manufacturers to bring our customers a range of specialty products for the personal care and cosmetics industries. Accrete’s long-standing relationships and chemical industry knowledge make us a reliable supplier for personal care and cosmetics manufacturers around the world.

With an extensive range of high-performance personal care solutions from internationally well-known suppliers, we cater to hair care, skin & sun care and oral care applications. We offer a wide range of multinational branded products, formulation expertise, supporting clinical studies and technical starting formulations. Our portfolio includes specialty and innovative surfactant bases, conditioners, silicones and emollients together with a host of additives and actives. We work closely with our brand partners to provide our customers with solutions that bring distinctive benefits, designed to enhance consumer well being.

Our main specialty raw materials and concentrated blends are covering the areas of Hair care, colors, oral care and skin & sun care solutions