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Accrete technical experts are well familiar in all aspects of the poultry industry and our range of disinfectants and detergents will ensure that biosecurity standards are maintained to the highest level. We realize the significance of disease control and have a selection of internationally approved disinfectants for use at different stages of production. We supply several brands of products to boost vitamins levels in the birds when needed.

Our biosecurity range of branded products will provide on complete farm support to monitor hygiene procedures and release a tailor made economical options.


Poultry Breeding

Poultry breeding process is an essential stage of producing good quality poultry meat.  For this matter, biosecurity and hygiene standards both throughout the production sequence and at rotate are important to limit any risk of syndrome from ingoing the site or passing from house to house.

Our brand owners, Distributors and working partners must supports all hygiene and biosecurity processes through its comprehensive range of detergents and globally approved disinfect products.


Poultry Hatching

Poultry hatching process is a sole purpose of the process bringing premium quality poultry to client. Accrete be familiar with the importance of the hatchery and recognize the dispute faced every day.

Accrete, our distributors and working partners are supporting our comprehensive range of detergents and disinfectants with a fully risk assessed hygiene system for the hatching area.

Poultry Growing

Poultry growing in reared birds to an essential and demanding stage of generating good quality poultry meat for consumers.  Part of this is ensuring biosecurity and hygiene standards both throughout the cycle and at turnaround are important to limit any risk of disease from entering the site or passing from house to house.  We provides all hygiene and biosecurity processes through its comprehensive range of detergents, disinfectants and chemical dilution & dispensing equipment’s

Poultry Milling

Any contamination of the feed can cause direct contamination of feeding systems and possibly birds. Accrete Poultry solutions understand the mills with the highest importance and work to reach the highest biosecurity standard. The comprehensive product range is supported by training, auditing & hygiene management system
Automatic Washing & Specialties

Cleaning parts of the poultry chain through crates, boxes, trolleys and trays. These includes contact surface for eggs, chicks or fully grown birds.We know that to achieve the highest standards of hygiene, the washers themselves need to be in the highest hygienic standards.

Accrete supply a wide of range of products on tailor made customized products from nutritional demands to disease control and specialist production systems.

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