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Accrete’s commercial laundry cleaning solutions can help you deliver standards of ‘cleaner, whiter, brighter’ that exceeds the expectations of your most discerning customers. Accrete has established long-standing partnerships with manufacturers of products with applications and uses in the Laundry and textile auxiliaries industry

When you are using laundry chemicals, you need to understand how to apply it to different fabrics and textiles. Get it wrong and you risk damaging the items you are laundering. And that’s why dealing with a company that blends its own chemicals is such an advantage. We supply and install both manual dosing and fully automated systems. Customized dispensing systems will deliver the exact amount of cleaning product you need, at precisely the right time in the wash cycle.

With decades of experience in sourcing and logistics management, Accrete provides companies in need of textile auxiliary chemicals with value-added supply chain solutions. We source reliably high quality components and have the expertise and diligence to reliably and efficiently service our customers.

Accrete’s provides a range of chemicals, chemical delivery systems and processes designed to meet all laundry applications.

Essential laundry

Accrete has designed and distributing several brands of general laundry chemicals and detergents for common laundry needs. The range encompasses liquid and powder products formulated for high performance to provide superior results in terms of effectiveness and cost

On-premise laundry

If your business depends on producing a consistent supply of clean, hygienic and fresh linens, you need an efficient and productive laundry. We know that involves more than just commercial-grade washers, dryers and chemicals.

Accrete’s will partner with you to develop appropriate programs and processes to provide you with simple compact solutions that address safety and the highest hygiene levels while maintaining full cost control on your commercial laundry activities.


Commercial and industrial laundry

Accrete distribute several brands in commercial and industrial laundry packages are designed for high volume users. This range boasts leading-edge chemical formulations that are super concentrated and for use only in automated dispensing equipment. Our systems incorporate robust chemical dosing pumps. Data management software will provide you with production reports, chemical usage, production cost, and formula costs.

Products Details

Textile chemicals

• Stiff interlining Binders
• Flocking Binders – Soft Interlining
• Back coating agents – Non woven carpets
• Acrylic Flock Binder – PVC & Cotton
• Pretreatment Process agents
• Desizing & Demineralising agents
• Wetting agents & Defoamers
• Anti-black staining agents & Alkali Neutralizers
• Dispersing Agents
• Thickeners & Oxidizing agents
• Oxidizing and sequestering agents
• Softeners – Cationic
• Silicone Softeners
• Wax Finishing Agents
• Antistatic Agents
• Water Repellants & Soil Resisting Agents
• Polyurethane Finishing Agent
• Enzymatic Bio-Polishing Agents

Laundry Care solutions

Bottom of Form

• Oxygen based laundry pre-wash soaker
• Concentrate laundry powder
• Concentrated Liquid laundry concentrated
• Fabric concentrate concentrates
• Liquid Alkali Wash Additives
• Economy Liquid detergent with Power Alkaline
• Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%
• Acidic Neutralizers
• Peroxide Detainers
• Liquid oxygen bleach -50%
• Stain Removers Fabric conditioner/antistatic agent & softener
• Boosters
• Enzymatic laundry powder
• Sours (Liquid & Powder)
• Fabric finishing and sanitizing agents
• Chlorine neutralizing agents

and many more ……