Dairy, Milk & Livestock Hygiene

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We are providing a comprehensive range of Dairy care solutions in different brands that does will succeed the dairy and live stock operations. We understand the importance of properly cleaning and sanitizing your milking systems. When your systems are properly cleaned and sanitized you get the optimum benefits of your brand value.

Our exceptional cleaning and sanitizing chemicals allow you to optimize your cleaning process so that you can stay focused on your product. We believe that the overall facility cleanliness contributes to a better product. Weak sanitation affects the quality and will damage your brand image. We represent different branded products in CIP/COP professional hygiene solutions in various forms, with auto dispensing equipment support and general manual Cleaning Solutions.

Our products are formulated to provide chemical cleaning solutions for the food industry, including foaming detergents, sanitizers, and cleaning in Place (CIP) chemicals for brewery and dairy equipment.

Cleaning Operations in Dairy/Parlor Pipelines


We provide a comprehensive range of hygiene solutions for Dairies, Processing plants and Live stock operations.

Our main range of

  • CIP & COP cleaners
  • Parlor hygiene Products
  • Detergents – Acid/Alkali/Neutral/Chlorine based
  • Disinfectants – Acid/Alkaline/Quaternary/Iodine/Peroxides
  • Sanitizers – Acid/Alkaline/Quaternary/Iodine/Peroxides
  • Membrane Cleaning detergents & Additives
  • Udder & Teat Care solutions
  • Hoof care & Fleet cleaning solutions
  • Farm cleaning equipments & consumables
  • Test Kits & Laboratory consumables
  •  Hand care, Personal Hygiene & Protection items
  • Bisecurity & Personal Care
  • Nutrients & Vitamins
  • Treatment chemicals