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Accrete consultancy team will provide of high quality services in the field of drug/chemical testing, studies and analytical services. We can help our partners find appropriate active ingredients and formulations for the product development. It is our goal to ensure that your medicinal/Chemical products reach the market in time and in the required quality and thus help to improve the lives of human.

Accrete is a technical marketing company and we directly offers a personalized Consultancy Service as standard because we know the benefit of sound advice. Our goal is to take your business to the next level and customize a solution to save you time, manpower and, most importantly, money.

Our application experts are specifically experienced in cost-cutting and in industry-specific problem solving, and will visit you to discuss your needs. We have an analytical research laboratory facility in Nagpur,India and currently doing pharmaceutical analytical operations under the brand Velsh UK.


Design and optimization of formulations for dosage forms.

Within our formulation activities, Accrete focuses on several basic areas where we offer, for example, the following services:

i. Problem solving and improvements of parameters during the development and production of the dosage form to achieve the desired quality of the product:

1. Stability of the products
2. Availability of the active ingredient
3. Chemical and physical parameters of the dosage form

ii. Laboratory development of dosage forms
1. Pre-formulation, publication research
2. Design and formulation of the dosage form for the desired active ingredient
3. Design of a suitable packaging material for the given dosage form

iii. Monitoring and evaluation of Stability Studies of the dosage form
1. Accelerated stability
2. Natural stability

Within the scope of other activities and in full compliance with GMP requirements, we also offer activities in the following areas:
1. Collaboration on the preparation of manufacturing and approval documentation for the production of clinical batches.
2. Collaboration on the transfer of the technology for pilot (registration) batch size.
3. Collaboration on technology transfer for standard production batch size.
4. Collaboration on the validation of pilot and production batches. Design and preparation of validation protocols and validation reports.



There are thousands of raw materials manufacturers in the world and while some provide first-class substances, others have substances of not very satisfactory quality. Accrete cooperates with certified and trusted manufacturers of substances from all around the world and guarantees the quality of the substances in their portfolios. We focus on specialty products. Since Accrete also employs a number of qualified persons, we are able to, if requested to do so, inspect and perform a quality audit at the production site in compliance with complete GMP rules.

Let the savings begin – call us, schedule a site visit, and see what we can do for you